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Long Island Food Not Bombs shares Hundreds of Thousands of pounds of food each year with Tens of Thousands of hungry people and in these hard economic times the need is just growing. That said, we are able to do what we do in large part thanks to local supportive business owners, employees, farmers and some pretty cool individuals.

Long Island Food Not Bombs is made up of community solidarity. That's why it's so important for you to get involved.

If you work at a grocery store or food establishment you probably already know that a lot of good food gets thrown out every day - in fact the amount of food that is wasted in the United States alone is enough to feed the entire world. Help us by preventing waste, start feeding your community today! It's very easy to share your unused food with Long Island Food Not Bombs!

*To learn about sharing/giving other materials like clothing, books, etc... - click here.

Arranging Pickups: - we can be there 24/7 to receive any amount.

We are always needing more food to share and even a-little-bit can really help. We pickup food from restaurants, health food stores, farmers markets, farms, community farm shares, bakeries, wholesale outlets, factories and any other locations willing to share food and other necessities. We can arrange individual pick-ups at your convenience or reoccurring pick-ups on weekly, bi-weekly, on-call basis, etc...

Basically, if you've got a couple bags, or boxes, or even a truck of food that you want to share, call (631.223.4370) or email us ( LongIslandFoodNotBombs[at]gmail[dot]com ) and we'll arrange for our volunteers to collect it. There's no amount that's too small or large for us to handle and emergency pickups can usually be arrange within a few hours.

Foods We Accept: -The types of food we pickup and distribute.

We will pickup any kind of groceries as long as they are vegetarian and any prepared foods as long as they are vegan (no animal products). We'll also take foods that have recently past their "sell by dates" or that have blemishes. Oftentimes stores will throw out these items because they don't meet their personal standards for selling, however these products are usually perfectly healthy and delicious.

If we do find that something shared with us is not fit for consumption we do not waste it. All organic wastes from our Food Shares are composted for local community gardening efforts. Essentially, what we can't use will become new food for the community!

We also try and focus on sharing healthier organic foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. In many communities on Long Island food segregation is a huge problem. This means that a large portion of Long Islanders only have access to stores that sell junk foods - foods that are typically filled with chemicals and preservatives.

Resources for Businesses: - Answers to some basic questions we get from businesses.

Can I get a tax write-off?

We do provide tax write-offs for businesses that regularly share large amounts of food (once or more a week). If you'd like to learn more about this process please contact us here.

Is there any kind of liability for my business?

No, there are numerous federal and state laws that protect you and your business when you are sharing food. This includes the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act (P. L. 104-210) which protects donors from civil liability when sharing food in good faith.

How easy is this process?

Very, our volunteers are extremely considerate of your needs. We can arrange pickups in a timely and efficient manor without conflicting with your normal operations. There's also our 24/7 (631.223.4370) hotline that makes us available for any of your immediate requests.

In addition, we have experienced consultants who can help advise your business along this process. Particularly with finding the easiest ways to collect, store and share good food with your community.

How large is the Long Island Food Not Bombs food distribution capacity?

Long Island Food Not Bombs is a dedicated network of volunteers who manage hundreds of pickups, amounting to the transportation, delegation and distribution of Ten’s of Thousands of pounds of materials each week.

On a yearly basis we help share millions of pounds of food across our numerous distribution sites. This is an area spanning nearly One Hundred miles between NYC to eastern Long Island.

In addition:

  • We are also capable of arranging out-of-state pickups.
  • There is also no minimum or maximum amount of food required by us to arrange a pickup.
  • There is also no amount of food, in terms of volume or weight, which we would be unable to transport.

Resources for Employees: - I'm an employee at a food store/ restaurant/ farm and I see a lot of food being thrown out, what can I do?

Suggest to the business owner or manager that Long Island Food Not Bombs can share this food with the community. We can provide interested supporters with information about our organization and answer to any of their/your questions. Just call (631.223.4370) or email us at LongIslandFoodNotBombs[at]gmail[dot]com.

You can also tell your manager/boss that consumers are more likely to spend their money at stores supporting the community and that, in the long run, it's better for business.

Resources for Gardeners: - Sharing extra produce from your garden.

If you have extra produce in your garden that you'd like to share please consider bringing it down to any of our food share locations. We can also arrange a pickup at location of your convenance; just call 631.223.4370 or email us at LongIslandFoodNotBombs[at]gmail[dot]com.

In addition, if you have friends or neighbors who grow their own fruits and vegetables please consider spreading the word about our food shares. Let them know how they could help out by sharing their extra food!

Drop Off Locations

E. 6th St. & Fairground Ave.
Every Tuesday @ 7pm

W. Columbia St. & Station Plaza.
Every Sunday @ 2:00pm

Lafayette & Marcy Ave
Every Saturday @ 3pm

Horseblock Rd & Woodycrest Dr
Every Thursday @ 7pm

Mill Rd.
Every Monday @ 5:30pm

Straight Path
Every Saturday @Noon

Knickerbocker & Starr St
Every Thursday @ Noon

Ave A & E. 7th St.
Every Sunday @ 3:30pm

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Phone: 631.223.4370

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