Updates on LI Food Not Bombs back-to-school drive!

Julia & Jon G. helping to share school supplies at Tues. night's Huntington food share
Distributing from our cars, children and partents came up one by one to get what they needed
Holding those supplies high up!
A mother and children joining the food share for school supplies and groceries.
Vinny & friends sharing groceries at our weekly Huntington Food Share.

For starters, thank you. Thank you, to everyone who has contributed to our school supplies drive. It’s made an enormous difference across Long Island - both to children and their parents.

The best part is that our back-to-school drive is still going on for the next week and a half. So, if you’d like to share supplies but haven’t, or if you have and would like to share more, you still can! Just check out our drop off information below.

Our school supplies drive thus far:

We’re at week two of our back-to-school drive and it’s now going incredible. Unfortunately, it didn’t start that way. When we began there were a lot of problems. Compared with last year, this year we’ve already had three to four times the number of people contact us looking for supplies.

It’s not just us, a bunch of organizations sharing school supplies are facing the same increase in need. The economy is terrible, unemployment is extremely high and paying for school supplies has become a heavy burden for families across the country.

This is also an issue that has recently been getting a lot of attention. On day three of our drive it was the focus of a Newsday article featuring Long Island Food Not Bombs and our current efforts. (Read it here).

Well, that story sparked something on a scale we never expected. Since the moment it hit the newsstands we’ve received hundreds of phone calls and emails, both from people who need supplies and from people who’ve wanted to share them.

It’s been humbling and incredible all at once. Humbling because we realize more people than ever need some help this back-to-school season. Incredible because so many of our friends and neighbors are stepping up, and helping out. This past week we’ve shared everything from notebooks, to backpacks, to a new school year sense of hope.

One supporter gave us $500 to purchase materials, there are two schools organizing drives in our support and our friends at Urban Coffee continue to help us by hosting our donation bin (which by the way, keeps filling up!). There are hundreds of people who have helped in some way these past two weeks and as I said, it’s made a huge difference.

We saw the effect this past Tuesday night when we shared nearly a carload of supplies in Huntington Station after our weekly food share. The children, parents and grandparents that came got almost everything they needed and like always, the hundreds of people joining us got their weekly supply of fresh organic groceries.

Now, we’re not just distributing in Huntington. Tonight we’re sharing more school supplies at our Farmingville food share, on Sunday we’ll be back in Hempstead and next week we’ll still be sharing more supplies at all of our regular food share locations.

How you can still help:

Like I said before, the support we’ve received so far from the community has been incredible! But our work isn’t over yet, we still have another 10 days of sharing school supplies ahead of us and we’re expecting to help another 100 local families.

So this is your opportunity! If you haven’t yet already, you can still help out by collecting school supplies and spreading the word about Long Island Food Not Bombs.

Long Island Food Not Bombs is out sharing free groceries 250 days a year. It’s a lot of work and we can always use more volunteers. If you’re interested in helping out please contact us at (LongIslandFoodNotBombs [at] gmail [dot] com) .

Where you can drop off materials:

1. Drop them off at our donations box in Urban Coffee (located in 101 Broadway, Greenlawn, NY 11740).
2. Call our 24/7 hotline (631.223.4370) to arrange for us to pick them up at a location and time of your convenience.
3. Stop by any of our 5 weekly food share locations and join us in sharing them directly with families that could use them.

There are other ways you can help as well. You can spread the word about our school supplies drive or you can organize your family, neighbors, house of worship, etc… in creating a supporting drive; just email us if you need any ideas (LongIslandFoodNotBombs [at] gmail [dot] com)

Thank you for your support, in community solidarity,
JonSTeps & Long Island Food Not Bombs

Posted Sep 9 2010 - 12:00pm by JonSTeps

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