Food Not Bombs Operations Manual by East Bay Food Not Bombs

Posted Apr 6 2009 - 12:50pm by LongIslandFNB

This is an awesome operations manual on how to start, run and grow a Food Not Bombs chapter. It's made up of some really great tips.

Very summarized process: Get an email address, voicemail # and web site. Announce that you are forming a FNB group at local organizations, with flyers and online (local indymedia). Hold a meeting for interested volunteers to coordinate efforts. Ask around at local health food stores and bakeries to see if they have any left-overs, arrange regular pickup. Scavenge large pots and cookware from yard-sales, thrift stores and personal collections. Pick a public and visible place to serve and then get the word out about your serving. Cook, serve, rinse and repeat.

East Bay Food Not Bombs and the Long Haul.