As of yet, [Unnamed]. Issue # 2

Posted Nov 9 2009 - 7:47pm by LongIslandFNB

The following is community zine, AS OF YET, [UNNAMED]. Issue # 2 and it comes both in web and printable versions - just click on the version you'd like to view.

AS OF YET, [UNNAMED]. is an offshoot of the Long Island Food Not Bombs community. Our hope is that we can create another means of dialogue between communities across Long Island (Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn & Queens) and it's surrounding areas, NYC, Bronx, Jersey, and anywhere else where people are having similar experiences...

We are trying to prod you for your ideas/opinions/thoughts on a bunch of different subjects. What are your thoughts about racism or sexism in our community? What can we do to create real change? We prod you for these thoughts because we hope that you’ll write back and if you do we'll publish it. asofyetunnamed(at)


Issue number 2 of AS OF YET, [UNNAMED]. deals with themes of identity, conflict and coming together. It’s the basis for what we hope will be a growing dialogue in our community and all those confronted by the same problems.

*here’s the deal: we hope that “as of yet, [unnamed].” is a cool way to get people, as a group, to come together and reflect on what’s effecting their own lives, their communities, and food not bombs. this issue deals with themes of identity, conflict and coming together. it’s the basis for what we hope will be a growing dialogue in our community and all those confronted by the same problems.

long island food not bombs grew a lot this past year. we started a new food share out in farmingville, ny. there, we were immediately confronted by bigots who attempted to cloak their racist rhetoric. These people expressed that they want to preserve “their town”.

in 2008, out near farmingville, marcelo lucero was lynched because his attackers believed him to be an illegal immigrant. his murder was not an isolated incident - hundreds are assaulted on long island each year for such reasons. each year people die. this violence continues because racism, classism and segregation are ingrained into the power structure. we see this each day and we live this each
day: it makes up our identity and the identity of our hometowns.

everything in this issue tackles what we’re trying to create, what we have to fight against to do so, and how this defines us. there are times when conflict can bring people together, unite them for some great good but out in long island we are seeing something else. we are seeing that as we come together conflict comes to us, delivered by those that want to keep us separated, alone, vulnerable and controllable.

this issue is about identity because everything is defined in relation to the things around it. we cannot define something without defining its surroundings. and, so in this world, we must define things by their relations to other things. and to go one step further: the greatest mistake a human can make is to believe that i am here and you are out there. we’re all a lot closer to each other - and defined by each other - than you’d like to believe.

Printing Instructions:

To print your own copies of this zine just download the "printable version". This document is set up to be printed on double-sided letter style paper (8.5 inches x 11 inches). We usually distribute these zines with an addition insert that you can download and print out here.

If you're interested in distributing the zine in your hometown we'd love to know where you are and what you think of it.

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As of Yet, [UNNAMED].
As of Yet, [UNNAMED].