Thanksgiving Lunch & Evening Food in Farmingville Flier

Thanksgiving Lunch & Evening Food in Farmingville Flier

On Thanksgiving Day you’re invited to share lunch with us in Farmingville at the Human Solidarity Organization & Community Center (it’s 100 feet north of our Farmingville Food Share location); address listed below.

From 11am-1pm we’ll be sharing hot meals with anyone who’d like to stop by. Feel free to cook up your tasty vegan dishes and share them with the hundreds of people who will be stopping by. This event is being run as a potluck so your participation is greatly appreciated. You can bring extra clothing, books or whatever else you can think of.


After a week of crazy events it’s easy to forget that we still have our weekly Food Share at 6:30pm in Farmingville. Because this Food Share is during dinnertime on Thanksgiving many of our regular volunteers will be with their families, and there for, not be able to make it.

Because of this we’re asking for your help, with the Share and the litany of pickups we do before hand. If you’re interested in helping out please email us at

Our Farmingville Food Share Location is as follows:
Horseblock Rd & Granny Rd
Farmingville, NY 11738