Winter Wishlist

Here's a general wish list of what Long Island FNB could use this winter.


1. You and your friends and your friends, friends. 

2. Winter clothing for all ages, genders and weather (especially winter jackets, socks, long sleeve shirts, turtle necks, sweaters, scarves, snow pants, gloves/mittens, sweat shirts, jeans, socks and winter hats).
3. Sleeping bags.
4. Blankets, sheets, comforters, etc…
5. Healthy vegan/vegetarian groceries. 

6. Healthy vegan prepared foods. 

7. Books, especially educational books/books that teach skills.
8. Towels.
9. Toiletries (Tooth Brushes, Toothpaste, Mouth Wash, Tampons, Pads, Condoms, Toilet Paper, Tissues, etc…).
10. Boots/Shoes (all ages, genders and weather).
11. All weather/waterproof backpacks.
12. School supplies. 

13. Creative ideas.
14. Bulk vegan staples i.e. 25-50 pound bags of rice, lentils, beans, flour, sugar etc…
15. More networked connections to organizations that provide free Health and Dental Care.

Food Not Bombs needs:

1. You and your friends and your friends, friends.
2. Disposable and reusable plates, spoons, forks, bowls and cups.
3. Large Sealable Storage Bins/ Large Tupperware.
4. Artists and musicians.
5. Dry erase boards.
6. Large durable folding tables.
7. Large Coffee Maker (like 50-100 cups).
8. Industrial sized refrigerator/ freezer.
9. A bio-diesel vehicle (truck, van) or a diesel vehicle that can easily be converted into a bio-diesel one.
10. A house.

Other nice items we could use:

1. Heavy-duty cookware.
2. Button maker machine.
3. PA system.
4. Digital Projector.
5. Vegan Cookies.
6. Flower pots (small and large).
7. Boombox.
8. Venue for concerts or other events.
9. Bicycles, skateboards, kites, soccer balls, board games.
10. Paint, spray paint, finger paint, colored makers.

Ways you can help out:
1. Come to a food share and help us set up/ distribute.
2. If you have a car, help us transport food.
3. If you like cooking, help us prepare food.
4. If you work at a food store/restaurant/clothing store/etc, get that store to share food, clothing or other necessities with us. We take things that normally go to waste - foods that go past their "sell by dates", clothing that might be "slightly damaged", restaurant food that is left over at the end of the night or whatever you can think of…
5. If you're a doctor/ dentist, volunteer 1 day a week or month to providing free care.
6. If you're a lawyer, help us by providing free legal advising.
7. If you work in publishing/ print/ radio/ video media, help promote us or create promotions for us.
8. If you work at a music venue/ club/ bar/ conference hall, help provide us with a free space for meetings and events.
9. If you work at a farm/ farm stand/ CSA, help share food with us.
10. If you are skilled in gardening/farming, help us create, maintain and run local community gardens and guerilla gardens.
11. If you work with a Long Island based social service organization (especially ones centered in Hempstead, Huntington, or Farmingville), help offer services to us.
12 If you are a member of a local school or university (student or professor), create a speaking engagement for Long Island FNB, and/or get students motivated in creating their own chapters. (We will help you out!).
13. If you are experienced in bicycle repair, help us offer free bike repair workshops.
14. If you live in an area that does not have a Food not Bombs chapter, let us help you and your friends create your own.
15. If you are a musician/ artist/ or performer, come to a food share and help provide entertainment or help us create new radical forms of media.

P.S. – We're still looking for a WALL-E

So yes, if you can help us out with any of this please get in contact with us via Email: or by phone: 631.223.4370.

Thank you for your support,
Love & Liberation,
Long Island-FNB