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Posted: Sat, 01/09/2010 - 3:47pm

So hands down, it seems that we're all in agreement that our community has gotten so large and so effective that we could benefit from the creation of a radical nonprofit that collectively supports our ideas.
To be clear LIFNB will not ever be a nonprofit, it will always be a community organization, but this nonprofit could be used to benefit our community and thers. To be honest, this is a huge discussion, there's a lot of bullsh*t that comes from being a nonprofit but there's also a lot of positives. And I'm hoping you, my friends, strangers, enemies, etc... weigh in on this conversation.

What's possible for LI and beyound? Well, for example, we could buy land and own it forever, it would always be part of the community, we wouldn't need to worry about taxes, etc.... On Long Island, this would make the prospect of a full scale radical community space possible. Imagine: we could have bike workshops, after-school programs, radical media centers, creative writing programs, etc....

So, thats an opportunity that arises from being a nonprofit but it's not the only one, think of this 501c3 as being a tool that can enhance our activities.

And all that said, my question to all of you is this -

Long Island Food Not Bombs is something that's extremely unique. We are, with out any doubt in my mind, one of the most efficient and dedicated organizations based in the idea of community direct action. Even though we are a fairly small group of people what we've accomplished is incredible (800+ people food shares, Seriously!). And, well all this makes me think abut where we want to see ourselves in 3-5 years?

Do we want to take this idea and make it viral? Teach others how they can do what we do? We've proven that 1 person can share all the groceries, clothing, books, etc... that 100 people need with just 1 hour of work a week (no joke). What happens when we take this idea and apply it to health care, housing, schooling, urban gardening, etc... ? Where do you want to see this idea go? Where do you want to see LI in 3-5 years? Whatcha'all think?

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