Frequently Asked Questions

A central part of Food Not Bombs is that we use food that would otherwise be thrown away or go to waste. We collect food from many places including sidewalk fruit trees, farmers, restaurants, grocery stores and dumpsters. Much of it is organic and local. A few items such as oil or flour are donations or purchased.

We take all types of groceries as long as they are completely vegetarian and all types of prepared foods as long as they are completely vegan (no animal products). We do this because we try and consider everyones dietary/personal beliefs. We also believe that the production of meat through factory farming is one of the most cruel and environmentally destructive industries that exist.

For more information about sharing food please check out:

You're more than welcome to bring food to any of our Food Share locations and share it with us. If you'd like we can also pick up food from your store or restaurant. We can set up weekly pick ups or even something more frequent. To set up pick ups or if you have any questions please email us LongIslandFoodNotBombs[at]gmail[dot]com

For more information about sharing food please check out:

Definitely! We share clothing, toys, books, school supplies, potted plants ... We're more than happy to come by your house and pick up donations -- but if that's the case, we'll probably need some advance notice. You can also bring these donations (as well as groceries!) to any of our foodshares. As it gets cold, donations of boots and winter clothing are especially needed, and in the late summer/early fall, school supplies are in high demand. Check out our wish lists for more details.