2014 Annual Dumpster Scavenger Hunt/ LIFNB Olympics

Posted Nov 15 2014 - 9:41pm by LongIslandFNB

2014 Annual Dumpster Scavenger Hunt/ LIFNB Olympics

BE ADVISED: You must RSVP for this event and receive the password to join. Space is limited, so we have to turn away anyone without a password.

On Monday, November 24th @ 8pm we'll be meeting up at a secret location in Huntington Station (RSVP for location) for a Dumpster Scavenger Hunt/LIFNB Olympics. This is a 2-part event - for the first part, we'll be breaking up into teams and scavenging Long Island for hidden treasures. For the second part you'll be pitted against impossible odds that test you're skills as dedicated food not bombs volunteers. Expect crazy fun, adventure and new friends.

This event is open to everyone, feel free to bring friends, rides will be available from the Huntington Train Station if you need one. You also do not need to stay for the whole event (like if you're one of those people who have work the next day or something). But that said, you're going want to stay.

=>Why a dumpster diving scavenger hunt you ask? We'll poverty is no mistake, it's the product of a wasteful economy that tosses out usable food, clothing, books and other materials that could benefit many people in need. Our personal experiences dumpster diving have turned up incredible finds, items like brand new laptops and e-book readers. Not to mention thousands of pounds of unused clothing and books that can be rescued for public distribution. If you're inexperienced with dumpster diving this is a great event to learn something awesome.

For LIRR train schedule check out this link:
http://lirr42.mta.info/ }

Check out www.lifnb.com for more details in the coming days.

You Must RSVP to this event if you'd like to attend.

Contact Information: Location:
Mon, 11/24/2014 - 8:00pm - 11:45pm

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