Workplace Project (Main Office)

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Contact Information
Phone: 516.565.5377
Fax: 516.565.5469
Workplace Project (Main Office)
91 N. Franklin St., Suite 207
Hempstead, NY 11550
The Workplace Project stated mission is "[t]o end the exploitation of Latino immigrant workers on Long Island and to achieve socioeconomic justice by promoting the full political, economic and cultural participation of these workers in the communities in which they live."
More Information:

The Workplace Project (Centro de Derechos Laborales), founded in 1992, is a membership based organization that unites immigrant workers and their families for better working and living conditions.

The Workplace Project was founded on the belief that while simply providing services might alleviate some of the pain of exploitation; it would do nothing to fix the problems in the long run. Instead, it has chosen to build community centers of and for immigrants, which work through a cycle of outreach, leadership training, membership building, and organizing for change in the labor context.

What the Workplace Project is fighting for:

Immigration Policy Reform
¨ Legalization for all
¨ An end to the detentions, deportations, raids and collaboration of police with ICE
¨ Family reunification
¨ No to the wall, which will waste millions of dollars and will force more immigrants to die at the border
¨ Workers rights and protection of labor rights

Workers Rights
¨ Domestic Workers Bill of Rights—statewide
¨ Reforming NYS Dept of Labor for better enforcement
¨ Supporting workers standing up against worker abuse at workplaces across Long Island

¨ Stopping discrimination in housing
¨ Increasing affordable housing

Civic Inclusion
¨ For immigrants to be considered a welcome and integral part of the Long Island political, economic and cultural community
¨ Registration of voters

Recent Achievements:

· Developed and passed Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in Nassau County
· Trained hundreds of workers regarding rights
· Successfully pressuring Nassau County District Attorney to arrest contractors who repeatedly failed to pay workers
· Helped workers recuperate over $170,000 in unpaid wages and overtime in 2006 alone