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Hey, my friend Mike found a place in Hicksville that is willing to hold an event this month. The place is Hicksville Masonic Temple and they said they can hold the event for $400. They also said we could hold the event on a thursday or friday and we'll have the place till midnight. There's one local band that already said they'd play and we have another band in mind. We're allowed to charge for entry and food and drinks, We can also use the kitchen they have there to make food. The place holds up to 150 people. On another note, would anyone be willing to hold a bake sale saturday March 13th? we could use my house to bake.

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This is my suggestion: "Free The Food!"

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the crowd depends on the music...if we get some of the Stony Brook students who are in bands perform that will attract other stony brook students. the owners are of the progressive peace persuassion and very easy to get along with.

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what kind of venue is it? like older crowd, younger, crowd, peace folks, country? If you were able to put together some kind of benefit out there that would be awesome.

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I think its a good idea, but potentially difficult to keep concise. I think having something that said, "no racism, no sexism" that also included a brief sentence like, "This is community solidarity not charity" would be cool. What does everyone else think?

Also, it might be worthwhile to try an paint this on a piece of wood or on vinyl. Banners are hard to work with in the spaces we use and they also get soaked/fall apart easy, so it would be really cool to try and make something that is more durable.

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You can definitely hold a fundraiser at Lulu's Village Pub in Port Jefferson but probably not until at least April.

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There is a great deal of content thats come in for the next zine, but we're still looking for more. I think we're hoping for a new issue within the month.

It's also seeming like the focus of the zine will be on the unified oppression relating to issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, species and the earth.

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This is something we've talked about on and off. I think having condoms and safer sex information at food shares is a good idea. That said, from conversations we've had in Hempstead & Huntington about this I know there were people that felt uncomfortable particularly in-regards to younger children in the crowd. A solution, perhaps a more awkward solution, we came up with in the past was to ask the adults one-on-one if they'd like any information, condoms, etc...

We've never had this conversation in Farmingville, so perhaps things could be different. Maybe we can bring this up at the next food share and ask people how'd they'd like us to proceed. Either way, I think having the information, etc... avaible is a good thing and that we should try and fit it into our food share.

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I've been extremely slack about putting my input into the fnb zine but have some ideas for the next issue. Any news on the next slated zine date?

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That was me, I forgot to log in.

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General Long Island Food Not Bombs Meeting Agenda

Introductions: (10 minutes)

  • Name, Location, General Interest/Experience, Do you have a car?

Brief Explanation of Consensus: (5 minutes)

Brief History of the Food Not Bombs Movement: (5 minutes)

Outreach: (20 minutes)

  • Reaching out to new folks: Tabling in public places/gatherings, organizing (events, dance parties, vegan thanksgiving, Halloween party…), increased zine distribution, new zine issues, increased web presence, media campaign, writing to (newspapers & web forums), creating a list of media/newspaper contacts, etc…
  • Outreaching within LIFNB communities: Literature table, creating a radical lending library (mark), creating Spanish versions of literature. Organizing Food Share events like the Hempstead BBQ.
  • Outreaching to other organizations: What groups do we want to reach out to? Are there projects we want to work on that other groups might be interested in as well, i.e. (gardening?). Mark also proposes, that 1. We “Have a fundraiser where a significant portion of the money raised goes to buy radical books, and literature for a FNB lending library to be given out at food shares.” And 2. “Explore whether the Revolutionary Prisoner Fund can possibly help or join in.”
  • Outreaching to our Food Sources: Creating “thank you” letters/awards for food sources, getting our food sources more involved.
  • Delegation: Who would you like to do what?

Organization: (20 minutes) - How do we organize LIFNB? How do we create better Food Shares?

  • Creating a Non-profit: Do we want to create a new Non-profit that’s separate from LIFNB, that also benefits LIFNB? This could help future projects and could be a base for a future community space. We would need people experienced in this process and possibly an accountant or lawyer.
  • Organization of Food Shares: Food Share captains, table captains, pick ups, contacting folks, overcoming conflict. What can we do better? What would be easier? Should we have rotating roles? Would breaking down some tasks be ok?
    Organization of Tasks & Pickups: Do people want to create a list, either on database or the website, of the jobs we all do and the places we pick up food from?
  • Food Access Table: Do we want to create an area where people that can’t deal with the crowd can go to get food especially in regards to the Hempstead Food Share?
  • Awareness at Food Shares: Getting another dry erase board, creating Food Share brochures, etc…
  • Training: Are people interested in having a Food Share volunteer training in the next month?
  • Increased Website Involvement: How do we get people more involved through the website? Create a website tutorial?
  • Delegation: Who would like to do what?

Resources: (15 minutes) – How do we get more/better food, clothing, books. How do we get to sharing more?

  • Volunteers: People that can commit for short and long term, individual days free/interest/ability, Spanish speakers/writers, organizers on community issues, people with cars, designers, gardens, etc...
  • Food & Transportation: Where are more health/food stores, farms we could contact and who would be able to pick up from them? How do we get more people with cars for – pickups & transport, are people interested in starting regular urban foraging?
  • Materials & Spaces: Printing resources, folding tables, water coolers, table supplies (cups, forks, plates, bags, bowls, etc…), spaces to organize (meetings, workshops, etc...), spaces for shows and events.
  • Clothing, Books and Other Materials: How do we get more of these things? How can we expand the Garage Sale project?
  • Delegation: Who would like to do what?

Longer Term Project Ideas: (5 minutes)

  • Food Not Bombs 30th Anniversary: 2010 is the 30th Anniversary of Food Not Bombs, would we want to do anything special for that? Would we want to try and organize a Northeastern FNB meet up in LI? Do we want to create some sort of massive event?
  • Book: Help Jon create a LIFNB book that acts as a “how to” for other organizations and groups.

Short/Long Term Goals: (15 minutes)

  • Long Term Goals: Where do we want to be in a year from now? Can we have one or two new chapters by then? Can we double our food distribution?
  • Short Term Goals: Where do we want to be for the start of winter? How can we double the volunteers in Farmingville and Huntington? How can we increase participation at our chapters? Where do we all want to see this thing going?

Proposals: (5 minutes)

  • World Can’t Wait March in D.C.- October 5th, proposed by Mark.
  • G-20: Food Not Bombs support.

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We'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who's helped out by sharing warm blankets, gloves, jackets, sleeping bags, etc... These items are needed more than ever and are helping out a lot of people.

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The town of hempstead has the largest police force and most of the courts take place there. Yet if you call 911 it takes one police officer more then one hour to drive a block over. Hempstead is doomed while other towns like garden city is sucking all of the tax payers money to have flowers gardened on their main streets instead putting more security in hempstead troubled schools.

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***Read Full Update Here***

Long Island Food Not Bombs would like to thank everyone who’s helped collect warm clothing and materials in support of the residents of the Huntington Station Tent City. Many of these items, including 50 winter jackets, were shared today with former residents. Everyone is extremely grateful for the support but there’s still much more that needs to be done. It’s time we stand up as a community and show the culprits of these heinous actions that we are going to take no more of it!

Tomorrow: Tuesday, January 19th:

Starting at 10am tomorrow morning (Jan.19th) and going through 4pm in the afternoon we are asking everyone to contact (call, email, fax, etc…) the Town of Huntington. Tell them to stop any further eviction activities until the Township of Huntington has an adequate Shelter System.

We still encourage everyone to continue making phone calls, emails, etc… after this date but we hope that you will make an extra effort tomorrow. The idea is to get as many people as possible to call at one time; that way we can’t be dismissed.

Please aim to call/email all the numbers, multiple times if possible. If the lines are busy it’s a good thing, it means our message is getting across; but with that said keep trying. If you end up getting the same person on the phone more than once you can simply reiterate your message and ask for any updates.

To be clear the Township of Huntington (200,000+) has no shelter system. We hope that you join us in asking that the town creates a 24/7 year round shelter system.

Phone Numbers:
Town Supervisor, Frank P. Petrone: (631) 351-3030
Councilman, Mark Cuthbertson: (631) 351-3172
Councilwoman, Susan A. Berland: (631) 351-3173
Councilwoman, Glenda A. Jackson: (631) 351-3174
Councilman, Mark Mayoka: (631)-351-3172

Make free calls:
If you are calling from out of state, country or do not wish to spend money on a phone call you can use the following web service to make the calls for free.


Template Email letter/Suggestions on What to Say When Calling:

Stop the Huntington Station Tent City evictions!

As a concerned voter I was extremely disturbed to hear about the eviction of Huntington Station Tent City and the violent and wanton destruction suffered by its residents. As a compassionate and rational person I believe that everyone has a right to survival and that acting on such a right should not be against the law.

With that in mind, I ask that the Township of Huntington and the Suffolk County Police department delay any further actions against the residents of the Huntington Station Tent City until an adequate 24/7 year round shelter system is created within the town. The seasonal housing provide by HIHI, while well meaning, is not a solution and completely inadequate to handle the hundreds of homeless within our township. If this simple humanitarian action can not be met then I insist that any further actions against tent city residents be postponed to prevent these men from freezing to death - any shelter is better than none!

It is my hope that both the Township of Huntington and the Suffolk County Police Department can act as responsible, caring and intelligent arbiters in this situation, supporting both a temporary and permanent solution. I also suggest that community organizations, such as Long Island Food Not Bombs, be consulted in this process. Food Not Bombs has experience with these issues in Huntington Station and embodies the voices of many whom will feel the affects of your actions. I thank you for your time and hope for your immediate action to rectify this situation.



For Wednesday, January 20th:
We hope everyone continues the phone calls/emails to the Township of Huntington, but on Wednesday we ask that people also start making calls to Suffolk Legislator John Cooper.

Legislator, John Cooper: (631) 854-4500

Future Updates:

As developments arise, we’ll be posting updates on our website. Stay tuned for actions we’ll be taking later in the week. If you were forward this email, feel free to add yourself to our mailing list at

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I stand in solidarity with those victimized by this brutal treatment, and with those who express a very appropriate sense of outrage. I stand in solidarity against those in authority who sanctioned and/or participated in the brutal abuse of power that rained down upon these already disadvantaged people whose crime is nothing more than just trying to survive.

I realize that there are some who believe that writing letters to 'tyrannosaurus rex' is the 'right' thing to do, and that they hope it will be 'effective' in bring about desired change and, if possible, restitution. I don't share either that belief or that hope. I believe that abusers of power don't respond to letters; they respond to conflict between powers. It's always been that way and I suspect it always will.

Those who live by the sword shall... well, you know the rest.

While there's still some remnant of free speech left in America, I say "F_ck you" to everyone who participated in the razing of that encampment. It was a dastardly act. I sincerely hope that every participant in that cowardly exercise will 'get what they deserve.' Exactly what it is that they deserve is a matter between them and the Universe.

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I would love to see more FNB shares further east. There is a notion conceived by some that eastern long island is better off than some other areas of LI but we could really use FNB out there.

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Tonite we had a challenge in the form of very cold weather and an abundance of donated food.
As I was heading to my car with a shopping cart overflowing with bananas, a very nice lady named denise said "quite a lot of bananas" or words to that effect, and i explained they were donations for a foodshare, and she said how great! and i said "in fact, would you be able to help us transport some food?" since we were short of cars and she said "SURE!" and she came to the foodshare and helped out and i hope we see her around. THANKS DENISE!!
the foodshare went very quickly and smoothly becaause there was a lot of food and not as many folks because it was MUCH + COLD . the people who are regulars , like Cheryl, Jose and Javier helped set up and distribute because our crew was stretched thin. i like when the community members take an active role in facilitating the foodshare. i am still thawing out, but it was a warm feeling INSIDE.. Brian

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thank you so much for what you do! I'm so glad more and more people get interested in preserving the planet we live in and our small (and big) neighbours we are responsible for, trying to make the world we live in better. have read lots of articles on the topic downloaded by torrent search engine , but always glad to find smth new. I'd gladly participated myself. it's so easy, but the result is so much worth. best wishes!

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We actually had a lot more than 10,000 pounds =). A lot of what we share is from large food stores and distributers, it takes some time to build up relationships but at the moment we get thousands of pounds of fresh produce for all of our food shares.

We are currently making a book about how we do this, how easy it is, and how much food you can share this way. If your from an fnb chapter and you'd like to try this out, we can send you some of the chapters we've finished about this process. Just email us, LongIslandFoodNotBombs[at] gmail [dot] com.


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If you think there are problems with aspects of this article you are free to bring them to our attention. There are years of documented facts which we've found to support what's written here. If you have information you think is relevant, or that you think rebuts any of the aforementioned claims, then please post your thoughts here. But with that said, don't just say something isn't true unless you plan to back yourself up.

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Apparently this article is good at lies and fanatsies. The reality is a diffrent story. You can land an airplane in the holes that the article has in presenting the cause and effects of Hempstead's problems.

It's always easier to blame "them", however in thie case the effected have a lot of control over their destiny

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wow. that's really amazing. what a great show of love for your neighbors and fellow humans. really beautiful!

how the heck did you get 10,000 lbs of food?

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Hi people, it is Thanksgiving Day! I'm happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that will probably involve a bike ride and seeing something new in Galax I haven't seen yet.
You write something new at Thanksgiving?

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Great post this will really help me.

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All charges against the seven arrested were dropped!

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