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We look like that... But in all seriousness, screw your racism, get up and do something to help people out and get off the internet.

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Nobody in hempstead looks like that. a watermelon joke would be too easy congrats on being so oblivious.

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I suppose it depends on intention. One could put food on the table to keep people down, as the government does, or to work out one's religious beliefs, as the churches do, or for political reasons. I give away food for explicitly political reasons: I want to demonstrate and enjoy communism and anarchy for a couple of hours every week, and demonstrate to other people that it can exist and is desirable. I haven't proselytized much beyond handing out leaflets, however.

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does something always have to mention the word anarchy to be anarchistic?


even if it didn't have anything to do with anarchism whatsoever, would this have been a bad thing to do?


when you need to put food on your table, do you want to be proselytized by a church? would you want to be proselytized by a political view?


does resistance to the state and capitalism always look confrontational?

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Food Not Bombs believes food and other necessities are human rights. So we do what we do to uphold those rights and support each other. We believe in Solidarity, not Charity. We're communities fighting against poverty, racism, war and other social ills.

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Thanks Susan! We're huge fans of East Bay FNB as well. For large events like this we have cooking parties where we get everyone at one house and cook all night till the next day. But for our regular food shares we operate potluck style, and just a handful of people cook at their homes for the share. Here in Long Island we're so spread out that it's hard getting everyone together to cook.

As for volunteers we're really lucky to have so many. One thing we try to do is get everyone who comes to the food shares involved in some way or another, some folks help share food, some collect clothing/books and some help in other ways. All in all we get a few hundred people to participate in many different ways.

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I'm across the continent from you with East Bay Food Not Bombs, and you guys are awesome! We feed about a thousand meals a week, but only half of it is food that we cook and serve. Actually, we could get a lot more food donated than we have human resources to cook/distribute. What do you do about getting dependable volunteers and kitchens?

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did this have anything to do with anarchism whatsoever? i'm concerned by the fact that the word doesn't even come up in the article. food not bombs isn't a church group giving out food, it isn't liberal charity. if food not bombs isn't about building community resistance to the state and capitalism, then i don't know what exactly it is people are doing.

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I heard the event from a friend who wanted to go donate clothes and asked me to come with her. When I got there I was amazed to see the amount of food and clothes that were being distributed. So I volunteered to help serve the food and it was an incredible experience. People were lining up for the delicious hot meals, and I wished there were more groups like FNB to give everyone the "right to food". Good Job!!!!

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Space is so valuable. Space is so limiting.

I imagine in 3 - 5 years that a not-for-profit group affiliated with Food not Bombs owns a large building capable of storing the spoils of dumpster diving from every night of the week. Industrial sized coolers that can keep any food donations a little more fresh from what ever day or time we choose to pick them up. Massive closets that can hold mountains of clothing, shoes, jackets, sleeping bags, or blankets. A whole wall of books to be shared with the community.

I see leaders from every community working with one another to identify needs and direct resources to where will best help the community. I see big potluck dinners with community members who we are rewarding for stepping up the Food not Bombs effort in their own community.

I see concerts that are free and accessible to everyone. I see a coffee shop that is self sustaining.

I see vacant plots of land within disadvantaged communities being purchased and turned over to the communities of LI for garden space. I see grants for home improvement being funneled to block after block of he communities we share with. I see shelters being built for the homeless.

All of these things are very long battles that require money and dedication, or just the right connections. But if we are aimed in this direction I think we have a chance to make some of it in to a reality.

Holla back!

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We're hoping to expand further out east in the coming years. Currently in Suffolk county we have chapters in Huntington, Farmingville & Coram.

There's been a lot of talk about setting up future chapters in Riverhead, Sag Harbor and Mastic.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, we'd love to hear about locations you think would be great for us to go to.

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there could certainly be some utility to a fnb share out east. for every 5 second home owner mcmansion there is probably one family that struggles in the lower income bracket.
the income statistics for the east end region are skewed due to all the off-the-charts incomes of the second home owners. there are some intense pockets of poverty in parts of riverhead, riverside, flanders probably areas of the mastics and shirley too. if you decide to come out east, look into maureen's haven- they provide a hot meal for those that need it(can't say if it's vegetarian and probably not vegan) and shelter for homeless people. they rotate their location from town to town on the north and south forks, usually using donated space at churches, community centers etc. but it might be a good way to gauge the demand for fnb if you advertised one of your food shares to be held in tandem with maureen's haven. just an idea. thanks for doing what you do.

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Hi, I'm Sam Wilson, and I have been associated with FNB Nashville for a few years, and I have seen the swift decline of active participation within the community of late.

I'm still up for it, but what I seek now is to be made aware of how many other FNB chapters there are in other states who might need help from a (free agent!?!?) from Nashville.

I'd love to come up and help you guys out, but to be honest about it, I couldn't handle the winters up there.

Also, might you know of any plans whatsoever for a gathering of FNB anytime soon, and where that might happen?


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Another great food share tonight in Farmingville with a lot of great help from the community and volunteers. We were able to share several backpacks loaded with supplies out to families too! I just want to reiterate the update above to everyone reading this.... we are always looking for more donated school supplies!

Food not Bombs is sharing all across Long Island to well over 1000 people every week. We can all do our part to get awesome produce and groceries out to people who need them. Families and individuals will always be able to make easier financial decisions when they have a steady supply of free food. However, it is still hard to be prepared for the high cost of children going back to school.
Talk to your neighbors or co workers. Ask around the gym. Or even repost this update to your facebook/ twitter to spark some interest. Get the message out! Food not Bombs is getting school supplies out to everyone who needs them end of story :)


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Last year we got so many kids off to a good start by gathering materials. This year we can repeat that and make it better!

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The event will begin at 2:00pm. Unfortunately, Navarra will not be performing, however, the Practice Room Records Collective ( will be performing. Hope to see you all there!

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what a beautifully drafted mission! it flows very smoothly and encapsulates an incredible pursuit of inclusive justice, without limiting itself.

i look forward to seeing Community Solidarity be a leader in New York to serve fellow humans to its greatest capacity.

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What a snappy mission statement, what does everyone else think?

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I think it is absolutely wonderful!! Lets get this movement started!!

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This is great information! Thank you so much Sheila. I'll let people know about this.

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Hey, this sounds cool to me. Friends of mine play in a band, and I'm pretty sure they could come play if this show went down, I'd also be interested in dj'ing if I could use someone's tables (or borrow a friends, I know two people off the top of my head who could probably lend theirs), though I could also dj mp3s if necessary. I mean between the bands or something, if people were into that.

This place in Hicksville sounds good, especially if we could do it til 12 and cook food to sell, that would be dope. Plus that band I could probably get another if necessary. Also, if we're in need of another venue, a friend of mine is a huge booker on Long Island (he's like the dude for booking ska and punk shows, not my schtick but I really admire how prolific he is with it), and I'm sure if I asked him he could recommend a church or venue for doing it, and put us in contact or whatever.

Let me know how I can help, would love to be a part of making this happen and getting the word out,

Martin (Huntington food share, Hempstead food share)


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Very nice, I really liked it. Is there somewhere I can check out more about it?.

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Hey. I think the Masonic Temple would be a great idea! A friend of mine is a dj and said that he'd be interested in playing if need be and another is in a band if you need any more. Let's try to make this happen!

P.S. I cannot get in contact with Broadway Bar; itseems to have recently gone out of business . . . I also contacted the African American Museum in Hempstead about holding future fundraising events, but am still waiting to hear back from the director.

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