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If you haven’t heard, the Long Island Food Not Bombs community is getting together to create a sister organization, a nonprofit. We’re calling it Community Solidarity and we’re hoping it to be the future foundation of a radical movement for social change.

The work to create this nonprofit is time consuming, costly and painstakingly complicated. But with that said, we are making great progress with our efforts and we’ve already received an incredible amount of support from the community at large.

At the moment, we’ve just completed the first draft of the Community Solidarity mission statement. We feel it’s a statement that embodies the spirit of what we’re trying to achieve and we hope you share your thoughts in regards to it.

As we move forward in this process dialog is extremely important. We implore you to share your concerns, suggestions, approval, disapproval and questions about this mission statement and our project in general. Should something be added? Should something be taken away? Do you like it as is?

Community Solidarity is an organization that will belong to us all so please empower the community, speak your mind and share your ideas.

*Below is our current draft of the mission statement. We ask that you share your thoughts in the form of comments to this page. If you’re reading this in the form of an email please click either the title (above) or the “Read More” link (below) to reach the comments section on our website.

The Mission Statement:

To create immediate and long-term benefits for the empowerment of all; to overcome the social, economic and environmental oppression inflicted upon local communities and our planet; and to foster sustainable solutions to hunger, poverty, sexism, racism and other social ills through education, sharing, consensus building, interdependence and community solidarity.

Posted Jul 14 2010 - 8:34pm by LongIslandFNB

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