Get Involved with/Donate to Long Island Food Not Bombs

Get Involved with/Donate to Long Island Food Not Bombs

As we near the 8-year anniversary of our founding this June, Long Island Food Not Bombs is now sharing hundreds of thousands of pounds of groceries each month! We're also sharing other necessities like clothing, hot vegan meals, school supplies, toys and toiletries to folks in need here in our own community. Want to help us make things even better? Well, there are two great ways you can help Long Island Food Not Bombs grow even bigger this summer.

Step 1. Community Solidarity, Inc.

The first is because of the support of our sister organization, Community Solidarity, Inc. Community Solidarity, Inc. is a new nonprofit created by Jon Stepanian (the co-founder of Long Island Food Not Bombs) and Vincent Cocca (community activist, and LIFNB organizer). Community Solidarity helps to supply free groceries to our food shares and to other food pantries across Long Island.

The support of Community Solidarity, Inc. is integral to what we do, and it's also the first line of defense for many struggling families during these hard economic times. Together we help the average family of four coming to our food shares save over $80 a week off their groceries bill. That's $4,160 a year, or over $74,880 across an eighteen year period. The difference Community Solidarity helps to makes can actually transform the future of many struggling families. It can mean saving enough money to send their two kids to college, it can mean a little extra cash to prevent foreclosure, to pay for the home heating oil or the car payment, or whatever else. 

So for the aforementioned reasons please consider becoming a supporter of Community Solidarity, you can do this by making a one-time donation or a recurring donation. Every little bit helps! and you can find more information on how to donate below.

2. Volunteers and spread our philosophy.

The second and most important way you can help is by volunteering and sharing our philosophy. Long Island Food Not Bombs is not a charity, we're neighborhood solidarity. To be more specific we're a community organization that believes the community needs to work together to overcome social ills like poverty, hunger, homelessness, racism, sexism and environmental degradation.

So instead of giving handouts, we share food and we open the door to those receiving that food to get involved in some small way – be it with helping to set up, pick up groceries, organizing a clothing drive or just by spreading the word. The result has been the creation of a very active community that is dedicated to improving the lives of all Long Islanders. In short, together we're united in trying to improve our community.

And the invitation to join this community is open to you as well. Our food shares are a great way to meet new friends and do some incredible good for your local neighborhood. Plain and simple, one person volunteering 2 hours a week can feed over 50 people for that whole week!

Interested? You can learn more you here, you can find our locations/times here, and you can send us any of your questions here.

Or you can just stop by and we'll put you to work. The following is a list of all our locations and times.

Every Sunday @2pm - Hempstead

Every Tuesday @7pm - Huntington

Every Thurday @7pm - Farmingville

Every Saturday @Noon - Wyandanch

Every Saturday @3pm - Bed-Stuy

Every Day, All Day - Collecting donations and delivering those items to soup kitchens, pantries and community organizations. (just contact us if you're interested)


Make a one-time donation online

Make a reoccurring donation online

Send a donation by mail

Cash and checks can be mailed to us at the following address:

PO Box 208
Huntington, NY 11743

*All checks must be made out to "Community Solidarity, Inc".

Check out more of what we do:

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