Thanksgiving Bonanza 2014 Organizers Meeting, Wednesday Nov. 5th

Thanksgiving Bonanza 2014 Organizers Meeting, Wednesday Nov. 5th

Let's talk about the BIG PICTURE. Community Solidarity, Inc. does so so so much! We're a grassroots organization made up of over a thousand volunteers, we share millions of pounds of food each year and we've helped Tens of Thousands of people across Long Island and the NYC/Metropolitan area.

How do we do all this? Simple, we do it with you're help. It's all been with your help, be it sharing groceries, organizing a clothing drive or spreading the word to your neighbors. We're all about Community Solidarity.

So let's cut to the chase - we're asking for your help again. Last year we organized the world's largest Food Not Bombs celebration ever! It was the largest vegan Thanksgiving celebration ever! It was huge, thousands of people, over fifty-five thousand pounds of vegetarian groceries, face painters, musicians and a vegan feast like none other.For 9 years in-a-row we've done this event, and each year it's gotten bigger and bigger!

On Wednesday, Nov. 5th @7pm Community Solidarity, Inc. / Long Island Food Not Bombs will be holding a meeting to discuss how we're going to outdo ourselves yet again. Our plans our big, ambitious and they can only work if we get your help. This year’s Thanksgiving Bonanza will have over a dozen events throughout the week of November 21st - 30th.

The largest of all these events will be our annual Vegan Thanksgiving. It's a 2-day affair that starts as an all night cooking party on Saturday, Nov.22nd, and culminates into the Vegan Thanksgiving Food Share, the next day (Nov.23rd), in Hempstead.

We expect thousands to attend this one event and we're asking for your help to make sure that we'll be able to share a feast with everyone that comes! We're looking for drivers to bring food, people to organize clothing drives, social media devas to spread the word, etc...

The festivities will then be continuing throughout the following week with over a dozen events spread across our Food Shares in Huntington, Bed-Stuy, Farmingville, Wyandanch and at some super secret locations we'll be announcing later. This is our most ambitious project to date, we're going to show the whole world the BIG PICTURE, and to pull it off we are going to need your help, your friends help and even the help of their friends. Solidarity is what makes Long Island Food Not Bombs so strong and we ask that you help us make these events even more absurdly inspirational then we could ever imagine.

This Wednesday, November 5th, at 7pm (sharp) please join us in Huntington as we discuss this matter further, pass along information to your friends, and bring your neighbors (Contact us for meeting address). The more people who get involved the crazy it will all be! If you can't make the meeting and you'd still like to get involved contact us ( LongIslandFoodNotBombs [at] or call us @ 631.223.4370 ). We'd love to hear from you. Also, check out for updated information on what will be happening, a lot more information will come about in the coming weeks. Please feel free to bring vegetarian canned/dried goods and clothing to the meeting. We'll be ready to collect anything you bring.

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Posted Oct 31 2014 - 11:08am by LongIslandFNB

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