Our New Website, CommunitySolidarity.org

Our New Website, CommunitySolidarity.org

For nearly 9 years now Long Island Food Not Bombs has been sharing vegetarian groceries with our neighbors in need. When we started we were just some punk kids with a folding table and a garbage bag of bread. In time, our community grew to be more representative of the neighborhoods we work in.

We expanded and made new locations, or as we called them, "food shares". We started getting more food, a lot more food, and as the complexity of our operation grew we decided to create a nonprofit to help manage our daily workload. So in May of 2011, Community Solidarity, Inc. began operations and our vegetarian hunger relief efforts have grown exponentially ever since.

We believe in the philosophy of Food Not Bombs, that food is a right, that communities can come together through consensus and that we can't address the issues of hunger in our community without addressing their roots in violence, war and oppression. This will never change, Long Island Food Not Bombs conjugates at food shares across Long Island and NYC and this will also never change. Still, our community has become more than just our hunger relief efforts.

We're a community of growing ideas and our philosophy of how we share food with the hungry has also changed. We are no longer content with just addressing the problem of hunger, we want to end it. Perhaps naively, we believe that our in Long Island we have a shot of doing just that.

We believe that the next steps of growing our community, our food shares, of growing Food Not Bombs, is Community Solidarity. In a way, whether we realized it or not when we started, we inadvertently created it for that purpose. Our growth, our ability to feed thousands each week, comes from our philosophy and we believe that it's time to represent ourselves more clearly in that manor.

So we’re introduce communitysolidarity.org

CommuntitySolidarity.org will be our web presence, a place where we introduce new ideas, projects and ways to get involved. Long Island Food Not Bombs isn't going anywhere; it's growing each year as a project of Community Solidarity along with many other projects in the future. Think of everything up to know as a great first chapter in a book, and now we'll be starting chapter second together.

Going forward, lifnb.com will be updated less frequently. Our plans are to eventually merge both sites together and create a more dynamic hub for our community to discuss all these ideas.

In the mean time, we hope that you start using communitysolidarity.org in place of this current site. We’ll also be changing out newsletter in the following weeks as well. If you’d like to make sure you remain current with all our latest updates we invite you to signup for that as well at communitysolidarity.org

We thank you for your support,
With love & solidarity,
Long Island Food Not Bombs & Community Solidarity

Posted Mar 9 2015 - 2:12pm by LongIslandFNB

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